Community Solar Companies Bring the First Projects to Maine

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Community Solar

Thanks to the partnership between PowerMarket and SunRaise, two community solar companies, Maine is receiving new renewable energy projects. The partnership comes shortly after the state passed community solar legislation, which allows residents to partake in renewable energy generated within the state. 

SunRaise and PowerMarket have strived to bring community solar to Maine to help low to middle-income households benefit from solar energy. The community solar companies are behind four new projects in the state. PowerMarket is leading the charge into community solar, hoping to build up the state’s renewable energy production for a cleaner future. 

According to PowerMarket co-founder, Nick Baudouin, the company is anticipating launching the projects in Maine and providing the state with some of its first community solar options. PowerMarket aims to lower energy costs for residents while promoting cleaner living. 

Though SunRaise is responsible for developing the installations, it needed the help of PowerMarket to run community solar subscriptions. Like any traditional community solar model, homeowners and businesses are able to sign up to receive energy produced by the farms. The subscription service in turn provides them with a monthly credit on their utility bill. PowerMarket will handle the subscription side of the community solar program. 

Co-founder of SunRaise, Patrick Jackson, commented on the development company’s excitement to work with PowerMarket. Its anticipating using its partner’s experience in the field to help with a smooth launch of the new Maine community solar programs.

Customers of Central Maine Power are eligible to subscribe to the solar program. Everyone that subscribes is not only guaranteed 10% worth of credits on their utility bills, they’ll also play an integral role in supporting renewable energy in their home state. Subscribers are not held to a contract and can sever ties at any time.

PowerMarket is currently seeking subscribers to the first of Maine’s new community solar projects. Interested parties can contact the management company via email.


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