Four Community Solar Facilities Completed in Maryland

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Community Solar

TurningPoint Energy and ForeFront Power announced the completion of the Leigh Friend Solar Project, a series of four community solar facilities constructed in Maryland. The four installations join the Kingsville, South Osborne Road, and Croom Road projects completed in 2019. The Leigh Friend Solar Project was responsible for creating more than 150 jobs and was designed to generate 9.8-megawatts of solar energy. Upon their operation, the four community solar facilities are capable of powering more than 1,300 homes.

The four community solar facilities were built to provide solar energy to Baltimore, Garrett, and Prince George’s counties. Over the span of its 25-year lifetime, the installations are expected to generate more than $10,000 in revenue to the county. In that time, they will also provide solar energy to homeowners in the three Maryland counties.

TurningPoint Energy was originally awarded the Leigh Friend Solar Project as part of the State of Maryland’s Community Solar Pilot Program. In 2019, ForeFront Power purchased all four projects and commenced construction. Once the development was completed, ForeFront took over operations of the four community solar facilities. Its business with TurningPoint Energy will continue with three more solar projects expected to become operational later in 2021.

According to TurningPoint Energy president, Jared Schoch, the completion of the four community solar facilities is a testament to the solar industry’s resilience. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, ForeFront and TurningPoint were able to continue the construction of the Leigh Friend project. Schoc confirmed that the company will continue to serve Maryland by adding new community solar projects. This will continue to generate revenue through taxes, boost employment, and increase customer savings.

As part of its efforts to invest in Maryland’s renewable energy goals, TurningPoint pledged to donate more than $90,000 to local food pantries, emergency response services, education, police stations, and fire stations. To date, it has donated $45,000 of its commitment.


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