Community Solar Regulations Hearings Planned for Manchester, MD

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Community Solar

To promote the possible construction of a solar generating system in the Town of Manchester, a hearing is being held to discuss community solar regulations. Prior to the scheduled hearing, the town received a proposal to build a Community Solar Energy Generating System (CSEGS). Since the town had no regulations in place, the project was passed on. 

A CSEGS is defined by Maryland state code as a system that allows homeowners and businesses to subscribe to a local solar power source. This is the basis of community solar programs and helps promote a switch to renewable energy when an individual cannot afford or doesn’t have the space for solar panels. CSEGS projects would provide a credit to subscribers equal to the energy it generates at the community solar installation.

Based on the hearing’s announcement, the proposals being made are to ensure that neighborhoods would not be impacted by any CSEGS project installed in Manchester. Among the regulations are proposals suggesting that the solar installation and associated equipment should be spaced out more form adjoining properties. 

The hearing for community solar regulations will be held on July 14, 2020, at 7:30 PM. It will be open to the public, who will be able to provide comments on ordinances that would directly impact the potential to bring community solar projects to Manchester. For those unable to make the physical meeting, it will be broadcast live on Channel 23. Public comments can be emailed to before the hearing or calls will be accepted during it at 410-239-3200.

According to Zoning Administrator Michelle Wilder, Manchester hopes to be proactive with the hearings. Based on the proposed regulations, several properties throughout the town will be capable of housing a CSEGS project. Should the regulations pass, all CSEGS projects will need to be filtered through and approved by Manchester’s Planning & Zoning Commission.


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