Nexamp Providing Community Solar Credits to Massachusetts’ Schools

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Community Solar

An agreement between Nexamp and a trio of schools in Newburyport will result in a distribution of community solar credits. The solar generation will come from five Nexamp facilities that have a total capacity of just under 6-megawatts. According to the arrangement, Newburyport and its schools will receive half of the total energy.  

Molly Ettenborough, Newburyport’s recycling and energy manager, stated that energy for two of the schools will come from solar projects in Marlborough and Sutton counties. Newburyport High School and Bresnahan Elementary School are lined up to receive community solar credits that will help reduce their energy costs. The remaining projects are planned to become operational later in 2021 and will continue to provide credits to Newburyport, Nock/Molin, and Bresnahan schools.

As part of the distribution of community solar credits by Nexamp, upwards of 150 households will also be able to take part in the program. Keith Hevenor, Nexamp’s communication manager, stated that, as of the start of the agreement, some homeowners will not immediately see the community solar credits on their utility bills. However, they will see them in the near future as more and more of the company’s community solar arrays become operational. 

Homeowners participating in the community solar program are expected to see up to a 15% discount on their utility bills. Hevenor explains that participants don’t actually receive power from the facilities but share in the overall value of the power filtered to the National Grid. Customers receive a credit on their National Grid utility bill and are invoiced for the cost of the electricity they use minus the discount received by subscribing to the community solar program.

Nine of Nexamp’s community solar farms provide electricity to Newburyport. These installations are part of the company’s holdings in states like Hawaii, Georgia, and Minnesota. According to Hevenor, the company plans on continuing to build solar facilities throughout the country to meet the demand of regional customers.


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