Local Massachusetts Grocer Invests in Community Solar Projects

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Community Solar

Nexamp, a solar solutions company, is working with a local Massachusetts grocery chain looking to participate in several of the state’s community solar projects. Big Y World Class Market has entered into an agreement with the Boston-based community solar developer to subscribe to 19 different projects across Massachusetts. The subscription totals a capacity of 57 megawatts and will generate cost-saving opportunities for the market.

Nexamp’s senior vice president of business development, Chris Clark, noted the versatility of community solar and it’s ability to serve small and large subscribers. Clark stated Big Y’s internal push for environmental responsibility will continue to drive the company’s interest in community solar.

The facilities that Big Y is subscribing to are part of both the National Grid and Eversource service areas. Though the grocer is a significant participant in the programs, the community solar projects have been serving their local communities, providing lower-cost solar options for the underserved and low- to middle-income homeowners. 

Participants of the community solar projects are eligible to receive credits toward their utility bills. Big Y will receive the same benefit, though the credit they receive will be cut by 50%. Homeowners receive 100% of the credits they’re entitled to per their agreement with Nexamp. 

Big Y’s manager of energy and sustainability states that the chain has installed solar arrays at a selection of stores. This addition allows them to take part in Nexamp’s solar programs to reduce the company’s energy consumption. Big Y’s participation will also promote clean energy and expand the grocer’s focus on sustainability and its green initiative. The goal is to make a sizable impact on the environment and promote clean energy use.

Nexamp was founded in 2007 and provides cost-saving electricity to underserved communities in New York, Maryland, Massachusetts, Illinois, Maine, and Rhode Island. Subscribers to Nexamp’s community solar enter into a noncommittal agreement and can unsubscribe at any time at no extra cost. 


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