Three Towns Subscribe to New Community Solar Program

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Community Solar

The towns of Stoneham, Winchester, and Natick in Massachusetts have joined the fight for a cleaner world. According to Clearway Community Solar and Clearway Energy Group, the three towns have recently subscribed to new community solar programs. The projects, which generate 11.4-megawatts of solar energy, are linked with energy storage and play a crucial role in helping the state achieve its energy goals.

According to Clearway Energy Group’s VP of origination, Valerie Wooley, community solar is among Massachusetts’ fastest-growing generator of renewable, clean energy. She goes on to explain the benefits of community solar, particularly how homeowners and businesses can partake in solar energy without the cost of solar panels and equipment installations. The effort, Valerie says, was supported by local legislators and policymakers.

In subscribing to the new community solar programs, Winchester, Stoneham, and Natick are taking steps to achieve the goals set forth in the Renewable Portfolio Standard. By 2030, the Commonwealth hopes to achieve its standard of 35%. By 2025, Maine is looking to hit a target of 1,000-megawatt-hours of stored energy. For the local economy, community solar increases the demand for a workforce that can maintain and manage the subscriptions.

Town of Winchester Select Board Chair, Michael Bettencourt, states that the town is a big proponent of renewable energy and reducing power costs. He confirms that the town’s participation in the solar programs will promote widespread renewable energy for government buildings. He also mentioned that the community solar program will provide taxpayers with cost savings, more specifically in the form of a credit on their utility bill.

Among the new community solar programs is one on Cranberry Lane, which welcomed the towns as one of its first customers. Cranberry Lane includes eight total projects that generate 56-megawatts of energy.

To fill up space in its community solar programs, Clearway is actively seeking new subscribers.


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