Massachusetts Community Solar Program to Provide Cost-Savings to Residents

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Community Solar

Residents of Cambridge will be eligible for lower-cost electricity through the new Massachusetts Community Solar Program. The program, initiated by Sunwealth Power of Cambridge, was designed to benefit income-eligible residents and provide reduced-cost energy to low- to middle-income homeowners and renters.

The Massachusetts Community Solar Program makes it easier for underserved communities to participate in renewable energy options. Typically tied to costly rooftop panels, solar energy has become more accessible in recent years due to the advent of community solar options. Under these programs, solar is harvested and converted to electricity via dedicated facilities. In the case of the City of Cambridge, the energy is then filtered out to income-eligible residents as a low-cost energy option. 

Efforts like the Massachusetts Community Solar Program are hassle-free for participants. Everything is completed behind the scenes without the need for a separate installation. Through the program, Sunwealth Power and the City of Cambridge are offering residents a 25% discount on their monthly utility bills. Prospective participants only need to meet specific income guidelines, typically falling into a lower-income bracket.

Subscribing to the program is no-risk. All homeowners are able to sever ties with Sunwealth Power at any time with no additional fees. Once they unsubscribe from the power program, they’ll simply stop receiving the 25% credit and will receive their power from the traditional grid. The agreement for the Community Solar Program is for up to 20 years. 

The Northeast has become a haven for community solar, with states like Massachusetts and New York adding multiple facilities each year. The primary goal of community solar is to reduce the overall carbon emissions of a state, with many states like New York having set a 2030 goal.

Interested parties can enroll at Sunwealth’s official website or by contacting the City of Cambridge Energy Alliance at 617-349-5323.


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