Boston-based Solar Energy Company EnergySage Launches Community Solar Marketplace

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Community Solar

EnergySage, a Boston-based solar energy company, recently announced the release of a new way for homeowners and small businesses to find opportunities to benefit from solar farms. The EnergySage Community Solar Marketplace is a streamlined method of delivering community solar to the communities that need it most. 

Though the process of subscribing to community solar has been simplified over the years, the Community Solar Marketplace from EnergySage will make it easier for homeowners to determine which program is best for them. The marketplace will target small business owners, homeowners, and renters with a “one-stop-shop” for all of their community solar needs.

The Massachusetts energy company first launched a rooftop marketplace in 2013 to provide transparency for consumers shopping for solar. According to EnergySage founder and CEO, Vikram Aggarwal, community solar is in the same position that rooftop solar was, and the same level of transparency throughout the entire process of subscribing and participating in these programs is necessary.

EnergySage designed the Community Solar Marketplace to be incredibly easy for users to navigate. To use the marketplace, users will enter their zip code and average utility bill cost to review available local options. Consumers will then be able to choose between different community solar plans to ensure they’re getting the service they require. The marketplace breaks projects down based on location, estimated yearly savings, the rate of subscriptions, reviews, and more.

Though intended to help homeowners and small businesses, the marketplace also serves a purpose for solar developers. The search feature ensures that there will be a steady rotation of customers looking to subscribe to their program. Additionally, laying out information about its program builds a rapport with consumers and elevates it as a trusted advisor.

To build the marketplace, which spans states like Massachusetts, Colorado, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Minnesota, and other leaders in solar energy, EnergySage worked with an investor-owned utility.  

Readers can find out more about the Community Solar Marketplace at EnergySage’s official website


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