Boston Scientific Signs Community Solar Plan

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Community Solar

In an effort to reduce its overall carbon footprint, Boston Scientific Corporation has signed a new agreement that covers the purchase of virtual power. The agreement, signed with Clearway Energy Group, aims to bring the medical supply company to carbon-neutral manufacturing and distribution within a decade. The Boston Scientific community solar plan is one of many steps the corporation has taken over the past decade to improve its impact on the environment.

Brad Sorenson, senior vice president of Boston Scientific’s Manufacturing and Supply Chain, stated that the 42-megawatt solar deal will continue to build on the ten-plus years of work put into reducing the company’s carbon footprint. The solar deal is the equivalent of 120,000-megawatt annual hours of renewable power. The deal is set to focus primarily on the company’s operations within the United States. Annually, the American plants produce 45% of Boston Scientific’s total carbon footprint.

According to Sorenson, the agreement will allow the company to reduce emissions in the equivalent of eliminating at least 34,000 vehicles from the state’s roadways. Along with the 42-megawatt solar deal, Boston Scientific Corporation is looking to improve access to renewable energy across Massachusetts. The Boston Scientific community solar plan with Clearway Energy Group is part of a 12.9-megawatt solar project throughout Massachusetts that aims to provide local clean electricity to residents and commercial properties. 

To keep running, Boston Scientific has plants on more than 92 acres around the world, all of which are considered green real estate. Representing 45% of the company’s total land usage, the locations feature green protocols like ISO certified energy management systems. Before signing the solar deal with Clearway Energy Group, Boston Scientific Corporation had put a focus on reducing energy use and finding ways to move away from fossil fuels. Efforts were ramped up in 2009 and have since reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 76,000 metric tons.

Based on the company’s annual performance report, it has found additional ways to reduce its footprint. Included in them are recycling more than 8,900 tonnes of solid waste and reducing its carbon footprint from 118,327 in 2015 to 84,778 CO2eq in 2019.


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