New Orleans Community Solar to Benefit from New Solar Array

solar cells at solar farm
Community Solar

DEPCOM Power is overseeing the construction of a new solar array in New Orleans. Once completed, the 20-megawatt plan is expected to increase the reach of New Orleans community solar to reach lower-income households. The site of the array is 90 acres of property on-site at NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility in Louisiana.

The new array, which consists of nearly 70,500 panels, was built with durability in mind and can withstand 134 mph winds. Even the land was chosen partially because it is flood-protected to prevent issues arising from future storms.

Customers of Entergy will benefit from the new New Orleans Solar Station, especially as New Orleans community solar programs begin to take form. It will also have an impact on the local economy as the construction is expected to create 200 jobs. DEPCOM Power will focus on hiring veterans and regional craft while also contracting with local businesses for sanitation, fuel, waste management, and equipment rental.

Though the project has been greenlit during the COVID-19 pandemic, DEPCOM president, Johnnie Taul, assured that all measures are being taken per the guidance of the local government. Before and during construction, DEPCOM will be keeping a close eye on public health announcements to ensure the work being performed is done with the worker’s health in mind.

According to Entergy’s president and CEO, David Ellis, the new project is an important part of scaling the region’s solar production and increasing the use of renewable resources. Ellis confirmed that the New Orleans Solar Station will benefit its customers over the long-term.

Along with spearheading the construction of the new array, DEPCOM and its charitable organization, G.I.V.E.S., will ensure that donations received are being put toward organizations that aid in the education of community solar. Funding will also go toward low-income households and veterans throughout the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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