Pivot Energy Completes a Dozen Community Solar Centers

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Community Solar

National developer of solar projects, Pivot Energy, recently revealed it had completed a dozen different community solar centers in Illinois. In total, the programs generate 34-megawatts of clean, renewable electricity used to service the local community. The 12-site portfolio was awarded to Pivot in 2019 as a part of the state’s Adjustable block Program. More than half of the sites are operational and generating power for customers of Ameren and ComEd. Pivot expects the final three facilities to become operational in spring 2021.

The size of the solar portfolio generates enough electricity to serve thousands of homeowners and small businesses. Local businesses and residents have been able to participate in the nine community solar centers. Subscribing requires no upfront fee and comes with the eligibility for a monthly credit toward the participant’s utility bills. 

Along with the benefits to the environment and residents in Illinois, Pivot’s programs will have a positive economic impact on the local communities. Tax revenue and job opportunities during construction and while the sites are operational promote a healthier economy and community. Based on the size of the dozen community solar centers, Pivot’s new portfolio will generate enough power for 5,100 homes in Illinois.

Pivot Energy’s Vice President of Project Development, Garrett Peterson, notes the significance of this portfolio for both the solar developer and Illinois’ transition to primarily using clean, renewable energy. Peterson further explained that community solar is used to provide communities and homeowners with access to clean power. 

The developer has been awarded over 40 megawatts of solar facilities since Illinois launched its Adjustable Block Program in 2019. This is the second-largest portfolio in the program’s first round of awards.

The Denver-based solar developer will continue to expand the state’s community solar offerings while also growing its nationwide portfolio of important solar installations. 


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