Nexamp Community Solar Facility Goes Online in Illinois

Community Solar

Nexamp, Inc. recently announced it has powered up a new community solar facility, the first of almost 24 in Illinois. The projects are part of the solar solution company’s plan to bring clean, renewable energy to ComEd customers throughout the state. 

The new installation was built near Route 76 in the village of Poplar Grove. The facility generates energy through a solar array and filters the power through Edison to local homeowners and small businesses. Nexamp’s community solar facility will provide ample savings to the local community through reduced electricity costs and credits applied to the monthly utility bill. Illinois’ Future Energy Jobs Act opened up new opportunities for solar development, and the Nexamp facility is among the first to start operations under the new legislation.

Nexamp has a national portfolio of solar projects, but began working in Illinois in 2017. Its efforts to bring community solar to the state started before the Illinois Power Agency’s Adjustable Block Program Lottery. In a partnership with Borrego, Nexamp rushed to obtain the solar project and add it to its growing portfolio of energy options. The community solar program allows participants to register with no upfront costs, unlike private rooftop solar panels that are costly to install and maintain.

According to Nexamp’s CEO, Zaid Ashai, the company is dedicated to bringing affordable and accessible renewable, clean energy to residents across the United States. It develops programs that offer user-friendly enrollment and immediate benefits. Community solar, Ashai explains, should be available to all homeowners, regardless of financial status.

Based on the program’s terms, subscribers to the operational community solar facility receive a 20% discount in the form of bill credits. Not only do homeowners and small businesses benefit by subscribing, landowners also receive income through the lease of their property to Nexamp for the facility. 

Nexamp hasn’t confirmed when it will launch the next of its solar facilities, which are all part of the Illinois Solar for All program. The program is dedicated to assisting underserved communities and low- to middle-income households. 


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