Interstate Community Solar Project Marks Investment Company’s First in Illinois

Community Solar

Construction has started on an interstate community solar project, STAG Industrial reports. The real estate investment company is behind the programs, which marks its first installation in Illinois and fifth in Massachusetts. Both developments make up the company’s 3.5-megawatt community solar project intended to bring affordable clean energy to residents and small businesses.

According to STAG’s VP of construction Brian LaMont, the Future Energy Jobs Act of 2017 was the company’s gateway into Illinois’ community solar. Though it already has a presence in the midwest state, solar was an industry it hadn’t yet touched on. However, it did have four solar projects constructed and operational in Massachusetts. LaMont explains that the company is thrilled to be joining Illinois’ push for a clean energy economy.

Black Bear Energy has joined STAG on the interstate community solar project. Green Street Power Partners (GSPP) is handling the development of the sites, which will hold upwards of 3.5-megawatts of clean, renewable energy. Additionally, the sites will generate more than 4 million kilowatt-hours each year. According to the project’s announcement, that’s the equivalent of powering more than 350 homes each year. Once completed, STAG will have a solar portfolio of 13.5-megawatts across the United States.

Black Bear Energy’s CEO Drew Torbin stated that the two states offer outstanding opportunities for solar growth. He highlighted the importance of community solar, stating that it’s designed to assist homeowners and small businesses that can’t afford to install private rooftop solar panels. 

Prior to the groundbreaking, asset construction for the interstate community solar project started in July. The facilities are expected to come online later in Q4 2020. According to GSPP CEO Scott Kerner, these projects will further help Illinois reach its goal of reaching 4,300-megawatts by 2030. Kerner emphasized that GSPP would continue its efforts within the state to bring more rooftop solar projects to local communities. 


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