Community Solar Energy Option Coming to Illinois Community

IL Community Solar Panels
Community Solar

Customers of Commonwealth Edison will soon have access to 11.2-megawatts of community solar energy. The completion of a project developed by Solstice and ENGIE North America will soon open up opportunity for participation in a solar facility intended on reducing monthly energy costs.

According to ENGIE’s head of distributed renewables, Luis Felipe Birolini, the development of the site is in line with the company’s mission, which is to provide a service for consumers that is beneficial not just for local communities but also the environment. Its partnership with Solstice has allowed it to provide community solar energy to homeowners in an effort to have a positive impact on the environment.

The development, which will provide community solar energy to low- to middle-income Commonwealth Edison customers, was constructed in Whiteside County, IL. The land it was built on was also provided pollinators that will help sustain the local agriculture. The prairie pollinators will promote a healthy bee population. 

Development of the solar project will create upwards of 80 full-time jobs. After construction is completed, the site will also generate economic benefits throughout its life span. Among this support is tax revenue that will be sunk directly into the local community that the facility supports.

Homeowners and small businesses that wish to participate in the program and draw from the community solar energy will do so via a subscription program. By subscribing to the facility, participants will purchase a share of the 11.2-megawatts generated by the installation. In exchange, they will receive a monthly credit that offsets their energy costs, resulting in what usually amounts to a 10% savings on their total electricity bill. 

Subscribing to community solar energy comes with no long-term contract. Homeowners and business owners are able to sever their contracts at any time with no early cancellation fees. Otherwise, they may remain subscribers throughout the life of the project.


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