Community Solar Subscriptions Pushed by Illinois Village

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Community Solar

Northbrook, IL is receiving community solar subscriptions thanks to the efforts of the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus. During a July 28 meeting, the Village of Northbrook’s board of trustees approved a motion in support of the Community Solar Clearinghouse Solution Program. Once implemented, the program is expected to provide subscribers with a 20% discount off net utility bill credits. 

The idea behind community solar is that residents and commercial consumers can partake in renewable energy production without installing private solar panels. All energy is generated via off-site solar farms owned and operated by a third party company. The Community Solar Clearinghouse Solution Program runs on a similar concept, where community solar subscriptions benefit both the project and the consumers registering to take part.

One board member, Trustee Robert Israel, spoke highly in favor of the program. He pointed out that there was no downside to passing the motion, which was approved in a 6-0 vote. Israel revealed that the community solar program was endorsed by environmental groups, who advocate for the generation of clean, renewable energy. 

According to the terms of the subscription agreement, customers can terminate their involvement in the program without penalty with a 30-day notice. If they’re looking to cancel their subscription due to relocation, they will have the option to transfer the active subscription to a property in ComEd territory.

Approving the Community Solar Clearinghouse Solution Program was only one step in increasing the impact of solar energy in Northbrook. The village will continue to work alongside North Shore consortium and the Mayors Caucus to spread the word about the new community solar subscription. A press release along with direct mailings and an official website are in the works to market the program.

Based on the current timeline, the program is expected to go live during the last two quarters of 2020. 


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