Illinois Community Solar Subscriptions Managed by MC Squared Energy Services

solar panels at solar farm
Community Solar

Illinois community solar subscriptions in Will County are slated to be handled by MC Squared Energy Services. Known for being the first retail electric supplier in the state, MC Squared will manage subscriptions for the Dukane Precast’s Community Solar Project. The goal is to draw in both residential and commercial subscribers to take advantage of the 1.6-megawatt project.

Along with signing on new subscribers, MC Squared will also handle billing and provide customer support for the project. The Dukane Precast project has been providing metering credits toward its customer’s monthly utility bills since 2091. MC Squared will continue offering those benefits, as well as its own savings for subscribers.

According to Donald Dardis, president of Dukane Community Solar, MC Squared Energy Services was chosen for its years of customer experience. The company also has a proven track record in fulfillment that will ensure new subscribers are brought in under its management.

New Illinois community solar subscriptions will improve the state’s production of renewable energy while reducing the overall carbon emissions. The state has been on a path to reduce emissions to 0%, with goals like making new vehicles electric by 2035 and switching buses to fully electric versions by 2030 helping achieve this goal. Projects like the Dukane Precast Community Solar Project will further enable the state to achieve zero emissions.

Dukane Precast is an architectural firm that’s been in business since 1979. It has been responsible for more than 3,500 projects throughout Illinois, including mixed-use commercial, parking structures, and single-family residential construction. The community solar project will be located on Dukane’s property.

MC Squared Energy Services was established in 2008 and has been a certified retailer of electricity since. It has worked with local businesses, municipalities, and educational institutions to provide renewable resources to fit specific requirements.


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