Community Solar Subscription Now Available to Deerfield, IL Residents

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Community Solar

A community solar subscription has been opened to residents of Deerfield living within the North Shore Electricity Aggregation Consortium. This subscription opportunity is being managed through the CS2 Residential and Small Commercial Program to deliver low-cost solar options to households throughout Illinois.

A partnership between the Consortium and the Metropolitan Mayor Caucus is behind the CS2 Program, which targets small businesses and residences with the new community solar subscription. When individuals and businesses subscribe to the program, they are obligated to a portion of the power generated by the facility. This will replace the typical means of solar generation, which results in carbon emissions.

In exchange for subscribing, homeowners and businesses receive a net metering credit from ComEd. These credits will be applied toward their monthly electricity bills and are equal to their portion of the electricity generated by the solar installation. CS2 exists to help facilitate the subscriptions and provide homeowners with the tools necessary to participate in solar and renewable energies.

According to the CS2 program, when customers pay their nominal monthly subscription fee, they’ll receive a 20% discount from ComEd. The cost not only offsets the higher price of general electricity, their participation directly reduces carbon production and is a direct help for the environment.

Sponsored by the Metropolitan Mayor Caucus and the city of Deerfield, CS2 is the largest community solar program of its type in Illinois. Its scope reaches all residential and small business accounts located within the Consortium communities. They must be currently receiving the default rate from ComEd to participate in the community solar program.

Though there is a monthly subscription fee, homeowners are not subject to a credit check upon subscribing. There are also no fees to enroll and no penalty for terminating the contract. Community solar is intended to promote the switch to solar energy and is often made as simple as possible to draw in more consumers.


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