Illinois Community Solar Project Providing $150k to Subscribers

energy panels at solar farm
Community Solar

During a difficult time for the United States, utility companies have been working hard to help their customers. Most have ceased suspending accounts for nonpayment while others, like those in Illinois, are promoting a longer-term solution. Summit Ridge Energy (SRE), an Illinois community solar project, has recently announced that it will provide solar subscribers with $150k in assistance to help during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Beginning May 1, 2020, the community solar project will provide the first 6,000 customers to subscribe to SRE a $25 credit. New customers will be able to subscribe through Arcadia, a platform designed to allow households to simplify the process of switching to clean, renewable energy. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in waves of job loss across the nation. According to the Chicago Tribute, one in 12 workers has filed for unemployment in Illinois. To mitigate some of the financial damage caused by the rise in unemployment, SRE plans to dole out savings as an extension of Arcadia’s Good Energy Initiative.

According to SRE CEO, Steve Raeder, “SRE wants to do its part during these challenging times by providing extra financial assistance for thousands of homeowners and renters.” Raeder goes on to explain how signing up for the project provides a reduction in electricity costs while also supporting job creation in the renewable energy industry.

SRE and Arcadia have partnered to expand the benefits of Illinois’ community solar projects without requiring households to install expensive panels. Arcadia’s CEO, Kiran Bhatraju, stated, “No one should have to worry about their utility bills right now. Lowering the barrier to entry for clean energy access has never been more important and we’re grateful for Summit Ridge’s contribution…”

To take part in SRE’s program, Illinois households can connect their bill to Arcadia’s platform. The first 6,000 accepted into the program will receive automatic savings to their monthly power bill and will be eligible for SRE’s $25 credit.


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