Illinois Community Solar Resource Aims to Educate Homeowners About Solar

Community Solar

The Citizens Utility Board (CUB) recently launched a new website to educate homeowners about solar and renewable energy. The Illinois community solar resource,, serves as an all-access option for residents to learn about everything there is to know regarding community solar and participating in solar generation. CUB developed the website as a navigation tool through community solar, so homeowners and small businesses understand better how to participate in the cost-saving program.

The Illinois community solar resource lays out details on various programs available to locals in Illinois. As the website explains, participants pay community solar energy providers only for the amount of electricity their subscription generated. The existing utility company still sends a monthly bill, but the community solar provider provides credits that reduce the cost of the power statement based on the amount paid to the community solar program. In many cases, that equates to a 10 to 20% discount applied directly to utility bills.

Community solar in Illinois was made possible by the Future Energy Jobs Act. When enacted in December 2016, the legislation pushed for 400-megawatts of community solar programs developed by the end of 2030. When the state reaches that goal, it will be generating enough electricity for approximately 150,000 homes.

As more community solar installations are built throughout Illinois, the CUB’s initiative to create will help smooth out the transition for many customers. Since community solar isn’t a relatively widespread concept, the online resource offers plenty of information not likely known by much of the public.

Homeowners who want to participate in community solar must be customers within the utility territory that the project was constructed. The primary issue many homeowners are facing is that community solar programs haven’t been developed in their area.

For those who can subscribe and want more information on the perks and why there are no risks, visit


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