New Energy System to Support Illinois Community Solar

solar cells at solar farm
Community Solar

In February 2020, the federal government awarded a million-dollar grant to help improve renewable energy options in Quincy, IL. The new efficient technology, which will be made available to the Quincy Housing Authority residents, will help enhance Illinois community solar programs.

With the million-dollar grant, the Quincy Housing Authority will look at having solar panels installed to deliver electricity for the community. The new panels will allow residents to take part in solar programs that provide them access to clean energy, which is an important step in reducing carbon emissions.

One of the projects being undertaken with the million dollars is a solar field in a local apartment community. The Indian Hills apartment project will provide benefits to both customers and the Quincy Housing Authority. As it draws in revenue from residents subscribed to the Illinois community solar program, the organization will earn money off of the field, which can be used to pay off any debt incurred by installing the new solar panels.

Though it may take the housing authority 15 years to finally pay off the debt, the worth comes from the long-term benefits to the environment. The renewable energy will allow homeowners and tenants to switch over from the current and less sustainable means of drawing power. Homeowners may even see a reduction in their utility bills based on the cost of solar power.

According to Bruce Johnston, director of the Quincy Housing Authority, the goal is to drastically reduce the use of nonrenewable resources to deliver power to the local communities. The solar field will be able to be coupled with Ameren, a reliable energy provider, to increase the savings and efficiency of the projects.

The Quincy Housing Authority puts its focus on the City of Quincy’s community and works to provide a sustainable, safe, and affordable place for families to live.


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