Brookfield, IL Residents to Receive Access to Community Solar Subscriptions

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Community Solar

Residents of Brookfield, IL will receive access to community solar subscriptions thanks to a unanimous vote to join the Community Solar Clearinghouse Solution Program (CS2). The Metropolitan Mayors Caucus devised CS2 to connect local neighborhoods and small businesses to cost-saving energy options via subscriptions to local community solar options. 

On Feb. 8, trustees of the town voted without opposition to join CS2. As part of the program, residents and small businesses are capable of subscribing to receive a net metering credit. Based on their energy, these credits help offset the cost of power to reduce monthly bills. 

The Metropolitan Mayors Caucus’ CS2 program came from a 2018 partnership between the caucus and consulting company, The Power Bureau. Shortly after CS2 was activated, the caucus offered access to the program to cities near Chicago. This came after the compilation of Elgin’s Rainy Solar project, which brought 1.18-megawatts of rooftop solar to the city of Elgin. The program accepted community solar subscriptions from communities and provided credits to seven in the north suburbs and one in Oak Park.

After receiving access to CS2, Brookfield residents stand to see 10% savings in their power costs, the caucus noted. The project’s life is expected to run 20 years, during which subscribers are capable of remaining part of the program to maximize their return. 

The Metropolitan Mayors Caucus and The Power Bureau rolled out the CS2 Residential program in September 2020. As part of the pilot, community solar subscriptions to CS2 were offered to seven communities in North Shore. These communities served as a means of promoting CS2 Residential to draw in additional home and business owners.

Prior to the vote to add Brookfield to CS2, the program drew in approximately 1,300 customers from North Shore. After approval from the board, Brookfield will join the other sponsors of CS2 to bring in more residential customers and business owners. 


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