Future Community Solar Developments to Help Rockford, IL

Community Solar solar panel
Community Solar solar panelCommunity Solar

The greater Rockford, IL area is being eyed for the latest community solar developments from local power supplier, ComEd. The energy utility company recently announced that it was in talks with several development companies to bring community solar to the Stateline region of Illinois. Though there are no solidified plans yet, ComEd has expressed the importance of such projects as they will provide ample benefits to local residential and business customers.

According to ComEd’s announcement from vice president of strategy and energy policy Scott Vogt, subscribers to the community solar developments could be eligible to save anywhere from 10 to 20% off their monthly power bill. This is on top of receiving solar energy from the operational solar facilities. Community solar allows low- to middle-income households draw energy from the solar installation, bypassing the need for costly private solar panels. Unlike private panels, homeowners won’t have to worry about repairs and maintenance to the community solar facility.

Vogt elaborated, stating that the projects are intended to create unity throughout the community. ComEd hopes that, wherever the future community solar development may be, it may wind up bringing locals together as they join a common cause to promote a cleaner environment.

As with most community solar programs, customers of ComEd should expect to be able to sign up for a nominal monthly free or a one-time, upfront cost. Once part of the program, individuals and businesses will draw power from the solar facility. It’s typical for community solar programs to offer a no-obligation clause and customers should be able to leave the contract at no extra cost to them.

The ComEd community solar projects are still in the early stages of development. Subscription requests aren’t currently being accepted, but interested parties can visit ComEd’s website for information on subscribing when it’s available.


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