Access Community Solar Program to Bring Options to Illinois Residents

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Community Solar

Onsite Utility Services Capital (OUS) has devised a means of making renewable energy more accessible to homeowners in Illinois. In support of the state’s solar incentive program, Illinois Shines, OUS has created the Access Community Solar program. The program is intended to allow customers of Ameren and ComEd to locate and subscribe to community solar facilities throughout Illinois. 

As part of community solar programs, subscribers, including homeowners and small businesses, receive clean energy directly from the grid they’re already attached to. By participating, Ameren and ComEd ratepayers will also receive a monthly credit toward their utility bills. 

According to OUS founder and CEO, Fritz Kreiss, Access Community Solar targets Illinois residents and small businesses to provide renewable energy generation and much-needed electricity savings. Through Access Community Solar, Kreiss explains, potential participants will have a direct means of finding and signing up for solar facilities.

The program will match customers of ComEd and Ameren with a community solar facility that’s tapped into the grid. After enrolling into Access Community Solar and subscribing to the installation, they will start to receive electricity generated from that farm. By subscribing, they are purchasing a share of the total production, which is reflected on their utility bill as a credit. The credit is more than the cost of the share, resulting in a monthly savings of approximately 10%.

Outside of the typical energy cost, Access Community Solar is completely free for residents, tenants, and small businesses. Since no equipment is needed to take part, participants don’t have to worry about maintenance and costly installations. There is also no fee should participants want to unsubscribe at any time over the course of their agreement with the facility.

Ameren and ComEd customers interested in participating in Access Community Solar should visit Onsite Utility Services Capital’s website for more information.


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