New Community Solar Systems Part of Alliant Energy Blueprint to 400 MW

solar panels for alternative energy source
Community Solar

New community solar systems are part of Alliant Energy’s Iowa Clean Energy Blueprint, the utility company announced. As the company aims to increase its energy production to 400, it is eyeing new developments to add to its Iowa portfolio. The driving force behind the Blueprint is to drive attention to clean, renewable energy for its customers. Discussed within the Blueprint are options to increase battery storage, expand the current connected power network, and add additional solar installations.

Alliant Energy’s Powering What’s Next plan is the bigger picture tied to the Clean Energy Blueprint. It outlines a strategy to better serve customers and promote a connected community. By adding additional community solar systems, Alliant Energy will be bringing the community together with the common goal of environmental preservation and carbon reduction. 

As customers have shown a demand for more renewable energy, a key component of the Clean Energy Blueprint is increasing its current solar portfolio of 1,300-megawatts by 400-megawatts by 2023. While portions of its Blueprint include increasing its wind energy generation, solar is a large factor. In particular, community solar.

With community at the heart of its Blueprint, Alliant Energy will be looking at adding 100-megawatts of “distributed” resources, which includes community solar, by 2026. To accompany these new projects, Alliant is also looking at adding new batteries, which will store the excess energy produced by solar installations. These facilities retain the power and release it only when needed.

New community solar systems will allow Alliant to provide the community with a multi-faceted benefit. Not only will residents and small businesses be able to run off solar energy without costly private solar panels, but they’ll also be eligible for credits on their monthly utility bills. 

Alliant Energy is also looking at different ways to work with residential and business customers, including partnerships to construct and upkeep a dedicated solar site with a buyback option for the energy generated or local solar projects that offset as much as 100% of the energy used.


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