Hawaii Community Solar Facilities Receive Upgrade

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Community Solar

Military housing in Hawaii will benefit from an upgrade to community solar facilities at Ohana Military Communities. The military residences, which include approximately 7,000 homes in communities at Wheeler Army Airfield, Joint Pearl Harbor Hickman, Barking Sands, and Marine Corps Base Hawaii, will receive integrated photovoltaic solar rooftop panels. The plan was proposed by Hunt Military Communities, which, according to the company’s vice president Greg Raap, is dedicated to efficiently running its homes while reducing the environmental impact.

Raap continued, stating that the new solar systems will reduce electricity costs. The money saved will then go into the community. Raap recognizes Hawaii for its sustainability goals, which includes running 100% on clean energy by 2045.

Ohana Military Communities invested in the community solar facilities. The latest of its projects was originally completed in November 2017. The update to the current system will shift the amount of renewable power provided to the military communities, and 27% of the energy consumed by the communities will be drawn from a 15.7-megawatt rooftop energy stem. Fifteen communities are being eyed to house the upgrade, including McGrew, Hale Moku, Catlin Park, Ford Island, Hele Mai, Doris Miller, Waikulu, Ulupau, and Hokulani.

When construction is completed, the photovoltaic system will reduce the environmental impact of Ohana Military Communities and reduce the use of non-renewable energy. With this upgrade, savings are estimated to be approximately $3 million per year. Ohana Military communities will turn around and invest that money into the communities.

The military community strives to provide locals with jobs as they come available. For the construction of the photovoltaic facility, Ohana hopes to give at least 84% of its construction contracts to local businesses. 70% will be given to small businesses.

Currently, there is no timeframe for the completion of the upgraded facility.


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