Hawaii to Receive New Community Solar Facility on Oahu

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Atlus Power American will be bringing a new community solar facility to the Aloha State. Planned as a 4.5-megawatt installation, the project will feature ground-mounted solar panels and will be constructed in the town of Kapolei on Oahu. Upon completion, Atlus Power’s facility will be the largest Community-Based Renewable Energy facility in the state of Hawaii.

Originally planned under Tritium3, the Hawaiian community solar facility was handed off to Atlus Power for completion by the 4th quarter of 2021. Tritium3 originally headlined development under the first phase of the Community-Based Renewable Energy project. The company will still provide help during construction and will take part in engaging the community and operations.

The facility is Atlus’ third project in Hawaii. However, it’s the first to provide cost-saving energy to homeowners and small businesses through the Community-Based Renewable Energy project. These savings will be passed along to subscribers in the form of energy credits that go toward monthly utility bills. Participants will need to be residents of Oahu and can also include municipalities and commercial customers.

Plans for the community solar facility state that it will generate more than 6,000-megawatt-hours of energy during its first year. This energy is then used to provide locals with low-cost power. Community solar is significant as it allows low- and middle-income residents to participate in an otherwise costly endeavor. Through the community solar facility, homeowners will not have to construct solar panels on their property.

According to Tritium3’s CEO, Ryan McCauley, the Community-Based Renewable Energy program has been an essential part of Hawaii’s growth in the solar energy industry. McCauley stated that partnership with Atlus Power will surely help the state realize its current energy goals. 

Because of Hawaii’s fragility and need for sustainability, efforts like those of Tritium3 and Atlus Power are crucial to the protection of the local ecosystem. 


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