Community Solar Investment Provided by Natural Gas Utility

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Community Solar

Gas South, a natural gas company based out of Georgia, recently revealed its commitment to solar energy by providing a community solar investment. In a partnership with Sol Systems, a national solar energy firm, Gas South provided upwards of $12 million that went toward eight solar projects. According to the announcement, the facilities generate enough energy to power more than 2,500 homes.

Though Gas South works in natural gas, the company has seen the benefit of solar energy. Its community solar investment came at a time when states across the nation are seriously looking at changing their infrastructures. The sizable funding helps a company like Sol Systems continue to provide clean, renewable energy to low- to middle-income households. 

According to Sol Systems’ CEO, Yuri Horwitz, the partnership is an indication of how utilities are starting to see the benefit of clean, renewable energy. Horwitz states that by working with Gas South, Sol Systems is better equipped to develop long-term solutions and extend the reach of community solar developments. The community solar investment from Gas South have helped Sol Systems achieve its goal of creating a sustainable infrastructure, which requires ample funding.

Gas South’s CFO, Jamie Tiernan, stated that the community solar investment is not just a push for sustainability. By partaking in community solar, the natural gas company opens up another avenue for financial return for Cobb EMC, Gas South’s parent company. 

The partnership with Sol Systems is just the start of Gas South’s interest in solar. It recently announced it will be providing a sizable, $50 million investment into the solar industry by the close of 2023. It also joined the solar initiative in 2020 when it partook in the development of a solar farm in a partnership with its parent company. That facility produced 1.85-megawatts of solar power and was accompanied by a 1-megawatt battery.

Gas South will continue to sink money into the solar industry to further enhance its support of the renewable energy initiative.


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