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Georgia may see a drastic increase in renewables through a four-year-plan from Georgia Power. The plan intends to add more than 2,000-megawatts of clean energy to its portfolio, the bulk of which is expected to be from Georgia community solar programs. Georgia Power currently has more than 2,500-megawatts of renewable, clean resources and will continue to grow through its new plan.

As the largest utility of Southern Company, Georgia Power serves more than 2 million customers across 155 of the state’s counties. A drastic increase in Georgia community solar will provide homeowners throughout these counties access to affordable renewable energy. According to Tray Leslie, Georgia Power’s renewable management developer of customer engagement, solar is a cornerstone of the company’s diversified portfolio.

The utility provider has partnered with the Georgia Public Service Commission to develop more Georgia community solar programs. By working with the commission, Georgia Power aims to increase the availability of renewables to its customers in a reliable and low-cost means. Leslie noted that the community solar options are intended to deliver renewables to homeowners and businesses that can’t afford private solar panels.

Georgia Power will increase its renewable resources to 22% of its generation by 2025, or upwards of 5,400-megawatts. Georgia community solar installations aren’t the only plan that Georgia Power has in place to increase its portfolio of renewable energy. Additional programs include Simple Solar, Customer-Connected Solar Program, Customer Renewable Supply Procurement, and Community Solar.

Through these programs, Georgia Power will be developing rooftop solar panels that will encourage homeowners to build their own panels through education and consultation. The utility company will also assist with the installation of private solar panels. Additionally, the state will be adding community solar options, renewable energy credit programs, and assistance for commercial customers to switch to sustainable resources.

Currently, Georgia Power has yet to reveal any of its plans to develop new Georgia community solar sites.


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