Community Solar Plan Boosts Kissimme to 100% Solar Powered

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Community Solar

It’s the goal of many cities across the United States and throughout the world to run 100% on solar power. As of Tuesday, the city of Kissimmee started receiving power from the Kissimmee Utility Authority’s community solar plan, officially pushing it to run solely on solar power. The electricity is being drawn from solar installations that are part of the Florida Municipal Solar Project. Five additional Florida public power utilities are also drawing power from the solar farms.

The city of Kissimmee originally became a subscriber of the Kissimmee Utility Authority’s community solar project in 2019. At the time, it was the first subscriber. Since then, the power delivered by the project has increased to ensure Kissimmee is running entirely on solar power. Every facility owned and operated by the city is running on renewable energy, and it is doing so without costly equipment. Despite the city’s infrastructure, it will only use approximately 10% of the power produced by the Kissimmee Utility Authority’s project.

Kissimmee Mayor Jose Alvarez is excited about the switch to solar and is confident that the move will provide the city and its residents with years worth of benefits. Those benefits include the ability to take advantage of the Kissimmee Utility Authority’s community solar plan without installing solar panels. Homeowners and business owners will have simplified access to a resource that would otherwise require thousands in equipment and installations.

The Floria Municipal Solar Project formed out of a partnership between 16 Florida public power utilities and the Florida Municipal Power Agency. The work accomplished by the project will provide the Kissimmee Utility Authority with low-cost solar power for upwards of 20 years. Each of the solar sites under the Florida Municipal Solar Project will generate 149 megawatts of energy, which is enough to power about 30,000 homes. 

Customers looking to subscribe to the community solar plan can do so at this link.


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