Community Solar Options Offered Throughout Central Florida

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Community Solar

Community solar options are being offered to Central Florida residents. As part of a project that broke ground in November 2019, Ocala Electric Utility (OEU) is providing customers the choice of joining community solar. This would allow households to draw part or all of their power from a solar installation. The Florida Municipal Solar Project (FMSP) is the community solar initiative driving renewables to cities across the state.

Customers of OEU are able to choose how much energy they want to come from the solar facility. Their community solar options include 25%, 50%, or 100% of the total power generated from the nearby installation. To supply customers with this energy, local utilities like Alachua, Ocala, Orlando Utilities Commission, and Winter Park will tap into the FMSP initiative.

As with most community solar options, OEU offers customers the ability to benefit from solar energy without installing private panels. Community solar reduces the cost of using clean, renewable energy down to zero and helps municipalities reach important net-zero carbon emissions goals.

By subscribing to FMSP’s community solar program, homeowners will also receive a credit on their monthly utility bill. This credit typically ranges between 10 to 15%, though OEU has not confirmed an amount for its subscribers. Along with residential customers, community solar installations can also serve small businesses and government buildings. The more people who sign up, the more energy the facility generates, reducing the need for carbon-based power generation. 

OEU is currently accepting applications for the community solar option. While slots will fill up fast, there is no commitment, and households can drop out of the program at their wish. Homeowners and businesses that aren’t able to sign up with this first one should keep an eye on the official OEU website for additional subscriptions. Subscriptions are free and require homeowners to fill out this simple online form.


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