New Connecticut Community Solar Garden Approved for Construction

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Several weeks after a parcel of land at 866 River Road in Shelton was considered for a new solar project, the new Connecticut community solar garden plans have been approved. USS Shelton Solar, LLC, a division of US Solar Corp of Minnesota, received a special exception at the Planning and Zoning Commission’s Wednesday meeting for the new 975-kilowatt community garden.

In May, USS Shelton Solar was considering a 102-acre piece of land on River Road for its latest project. The final approval from the Planning and Zoning Commission was for constructing a garden on 5.9-acres of property on the full parcel at 866 River Road. Commissioner Charles Kelly spoke enthusiastically about the decision to move forward and voiced his approval for clean energy.

Currently, Materials Innovation and Recycling Authority own the parcel of land. It is a capped landfill, which will require further approval from the Inland Wetlands Commission before the project can continue.

The new Connecticut community solar garden will require ample sunlight to be productive. This is partly why USS Shelton Solar chose the location, because it receives unobstructed natural light. It also will have no impact on the nearby wetlands, nor will it affect local properties. The 102-acre parcel has plenty of space for setbacks and is relatively close to solar distribution facilities.

According to the application filed with the Planning and Zoning Commission by USS Shelton Solar, the completed project will be able to power 225 homes. It also states that the garden will connect to United Illuminating, Co.’s existing distribution system. This will allow United Illuminating customers the opportunity to subscribe to the new Connecticut community solar project. To strengthen its case for the land, USS Shelton Solar included in the application that the local school district has shown interest in subscribing to the garden.

Once the project goes live, USS Shelton Solar will be required to keep the site operational for 20 years.


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