New Community Solar Installation Proposed for Waddington, CT

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Community Solar

Green Street Power Partners has stepped forward with a proposal to build a new community solar installation in Waddington, CT. The proposal is for a 16.17-acre facility to be built at 1497 County Route 31 in Waddington. According to Green Street’s plan, the facility will generate 2.5-megawatts of solar energy.

The proposal has been submitted to the Rural Development-Rural Business Program. At this stage, the application will be reviewed and a determination for funding will be made under the grants and loans program of the Rural Energy for American Program Renewable Energy Systems & Energy Efficiency Improvement. 

Located just south of County Route 31, the proposed site of the community solar installation is surrounded by neighborhoods and agriculturally zoned land. Additional acreage in the area is undeveloped forest land. The land expected to be used for Green Street’s proposed project is currently reserved for agricultural production. 

To help push the project through, TRC Environmental Corporation of West Seneca created an environmental assessment. The 346-page document reviews the environmental impact the facility could have, as well as the positive effects of bringing a community solar facility to the region. Based on the report, there is not expected to be any negative effects on the surrounding region.

For its solar generation, the facility will use ground-mounted solar arrays. The fixed-tilt panels are expected to be, at most, 15-feet high at their maximum tilt. To keep them safe, a security fence will be constructed around the community solar installation. Once the site has been developed, it will be surrounded by vegetation that is common in the Waddington region. The hope is that the herbaceous plants will reduce soil erosion over the life of the project.

According to Green Street’s application, the project will be directed to help communities in Waddington and St. Lawrence County. Subscribers will receive solar energy and, as part of the program, a monthly credit on their utility bills.

More information on Green Street and the new facility can be found on the developer’s official website.


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