Residential Community Solar Developer Advances the Solar Industry

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Community Solar

SunShare, the United States’ largest developer of community solar, has plans for three new developments slated for 2021 operation. The residential community solar developer is pushing boundaries with its renewable energy options and plans to power upwards of 3,000 homes in Colorado with these new installations. As if its sizable portfolio isn’t enough to drive solar, SunShare is also behind a new, innovative subscription system to streamline how homes obtain solar energy without private rooftop panels. 

The residential community solar developer’s new subscription option allows homeowners to enter into a one-year agreement. Traditionally, the term is for 20 years, making this the first subscription of its kind. SunShare will also allow participants to bypass the required credit check in exchange for Autopay enrollment. The hope is that these advancements will encourage homeowners and small businesses to engage in one of the three new community solar options. By reducing the long-term commitment of 20 years to just one year, SunShare is appealing to renters that need flexibility.

Along with these changes, SunShare is streamlining the enrollment process. Its revamped website makes it easier than ever for homeowners to subscribe. A new referral program also offers rewards for bringing friends and family members, such as gift cards to businesses that were affected by COVID or donations to a local non-profit.

Corrina Kump, the COO of SunShare, states that these new advancements in community solar are putting power in the consumer’s hands. Community solar has always been about two things – helping the environment and providing benefits to the consumer. These options accomplish both in a way not previously seen.

The success of these new changes has yet to be seen, but a Consumer Reports survey found that more than half of all polled Americans would switch to renewable energy if it were easier to access. Unfortunately, as the National Renewable Energy Laboratory found, at least ¾ of all United States’ households are unable to accommodate rooftop solar panels. This is where community solar becomes such a vital part of the solar movement. 

SunShare’s commitment to simplifying the process and making community solar more accessible should help draw in those homeowners that have wanted clean energy but felt like it was out of reach.


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