Four Community Solar Developments Under Construction in Denver

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Community Solar

Unico Solar Investors LLC, Namaste Solar, and Excelsior Energy Capital recently broke ground on four new community solar developments in Denver, CO. The partnership, dubbed UX Solar, is part of the City of Denver’s attempts at reducing its carbon emissions and providing renewable energy to local communities. The four solar facilities will generate a total capacity of 8-megawatts and serve the Denver metro area. According to the solar development plans, it will run on a subscription-based service and be open to residential and commercial customers that are part of Xcel Energy’s network. 

According to Unico Solar associate director and co-founder Adam Knoff, the solar developer has committed to long-term efforts to help the State of Colorado transition into clean, renewable energy. UX Solar, Knoff explains, is a joint effort to determine new opportunities to bring energy options to underserved communities and low- to middle-income households. 

When the UX Solar site is completed, the four community solar developments will make up 75% of the clean energy provided to 16 Unico Properties in Denver and Boulder. Homeowners and tenants will subscribe to the remaining 25%.

To accommodate the four developments, UX Solar will lease four parcels, totaling 1.7 million square feet. Over the 20 year contract with Xcel Energy, the sites are expected to generate more than 291 million kilowatt-hours. At the close of operations, UX Solar hopes to have offset approximately 206,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions, which is equal to more than 227 million pounds of coal.

The State of Colorado currently has a goal to run entirely off of renewable energy by 2040. Projects and partnerships like UX Solar make great strides in achieving this goal while providing residents and small businesses with cost-saving opportunities for their power needs. As part of a community solar facility, subscribers receive monthly credits to help reduce their energy costs, typically by 10%.

Unico Solara and Excelsior has committed to building 250 megawatts of industrial and commercial solar programs across the United States. These four Colorado sites will be part of that larger portfolio.


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