Community Solar Company Teams Up with Colorado Farm

solar panels on roof
Community Solar

Community solar company and developer, SunShare, has found the site of its next solar facility – and it’s land that will make solar part of a family legacy. Working with local farmer Graham Carr, SunShare has selected the Carr’s family farm as the location of a new site that will generate solar power for homeowners in the region. 

The land once belonged to Carr’s wife, Paula, who inherited it from her family. After her passing, Carr spent a good amount of time trying to fix the dry and rocky soil for future crops. When SunShare reached out about building a community solar facility, Carr saw an opportunity to continue the family’s ongoing crop-growing with a new type of crop.

Named the Paula Carr Memorial Community Solar Garden after Carr’s late wife, the facility will be overseen by SunShare. Like most solar facilities the community solar company operates, the memorial garden will generate energy that will be passed down to subscribers. Homeowners and local businesses will be able to subscribe to the installation and receive clean energy and utility credits applied to their monthly bill. 

According to Carr, SunShare showed concern about the property, understanding that he had wanted to make it productive again. Due to the soil’s condition, however, it faced difficulties with growing any crops. Carr confirmed that, with SunShare’s help, he and his family would have long-term financial security, and the farmland would again have a purpose – a wish of Paula’s grandfather.

SunShare has yet to reveal any information regarding the future community solar garden, but the community solar company has worked with Carr to identify a specific location on the property for the site. 

As community solar ramps up across the nation, companies like SunShare will likely be in need of land for future sites. Since agricultural land typically allows developers to circumnavigate visual and environmental concerns held by neighboring communities, more deals with local farmers can be expected.


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