Colorado Community Solar Garden Receives Substantial Subscriber

solar panels on roof
Community Solar

Jack’s Solar Garden in Longmont, CO just received a significant subscriber to help boost the garden’s energy production. The City of Boulder announced that it will be taking part in the unique 1.2-megawatt Colorado community solar garden. Whereas most solar gardens only produce clean energy, Jack’s will also have a hand in agrivoltaics. During its lifespan, the garden will also provide energy to pollinator gardens and crops. It will also serve as a means of educating and performing scientific research.

Boulder is subscribing to the Colorado community solar garden to pass down energy savings to the residents of Ponderosa Mobile Home Park. The move was part of the city’s pilot project providing solar to manufactured housing. The Energy Impact Offset Fund provided the fees to make the purchase possible.

According to Yael Gichon, a solar project manager for the city, Jack’s Solar Garden is being used to demonstrate how the city’s open land can play a role in benefiting the environment. Gichon also stated that the subscription will play a part in delivering solar access to residents of Boulder.

Jack’s Solar Garden co-owner, Byron Kominek, is hopeful that the 1.2-megawatt garden will inspire agricultural farms to pursue clean energy options. Kominek states that Jack’s Solar Garden is proof that farms can turn to renewable energy while still protecting their land.

Though the City of Boulder has seen upwards of 20-megawatts of solar panels installed on private residences, the Colorado community solar garden is essential for reaching low to middle-income households. Subscribers that join the City of Boulder will enjoy a reduction in their monthly utility bill. They will also be able to participate in solar energy without having to install costly panels on their roof.

The agrivoltaic solar garden is still under construction near Longmont and is accepting applications for subscribers. Click this link to join Jack’s Solar Garden and enjoy the perks of community solar.


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