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Solar energy without solar panels. No devices to purchaseInstantly signup online and digitally connect to a solar farm in your community.

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Digitally connect to a Solar farm in your community.

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Sign Up Online

Sign up online for your local community solar farm. The process is instant and free. No panels to install. No equipment to purchase.


Get Your Reduced Bill From Utility

Your utility bill gets reduced by the solar credits you receive.


Get Your Discounted Bill From Solar Farm

Your local solar farm bills you for the solar credits, minus a guaranteed discount. So, you pay less that you normally would.

Do I have to install or purchase anything?

No, there is nothing to install. There is nothing to purchase.

Do I have to make an appointment?

No, the process is totally digital. No appointments, no phone calls, no technicians.

Do I need access to my roof?

No, there is no roof to drill. So, you don’t need access to the roof.

Do I have to own my house?

No. You can either own or rent.

With community solar, you can get the benefits of solar energy without having to invest in any equipment or install solar panels of your own. All of the participants share the benefits of a single solar farm, using the energy on a subscription basis, much like how traditional energy is used. This method is an excellent way for those who can’t install solar panels to access the benefits of solar energy. Solar energy is also much more cost-effective, and many participants see their energy bills drop after switching to a subscription plan like shared solar. Solar power was once inaccessible to renters or those who couldn’t afford to install solar panels, but shared solar has made this coveted energy accessible to all.
These days, people realize that they have more options than ever when it comes to where they get their energy from. Instead of being bound to traditional energy sources, they can explore other options to offset costs and help the environment. Solar is a popular choice because it’s unlimited, cost-effective and very kind to the planet. For many people, the real issue with solar energy was the upfront costs involved. They didn’t have the money, time, or inclination to install solar panels on their property. Some people didn’t even have the option to install panels because they were renting or living in shared spaces. Community solar changed the game for people without other options, giving them a way to go solar without the initial upfront costs. In a way, the switch to shared solar leveled the playing field.
Traditionally solar energy came with known upfront costs. People would need to invest in equipment, panels, and spend time and money installing them properly. Switching to solar used to be a big ordeal, but not anymore. With shared solar, there are no upfront costs, and members can pay for their energy through a subscription. These subscription-based models generally don’t require any upfront payment, making them attractive choices for those who are contemplating switching over to solar energy. All you need to do is sign up for the program and begin paying for your usage every month. Many shared solar projects also let you cancel at any time, so there’s no really no risk. If you don’t like how it’s working for you, you can opt-out with no additional fees. This set-up makes it easy for people to try out solar energy without actually having to commit to it fully. The only caveat is that you could be limited by your proximity to the shared solar farm. In some places, participants must be physically located within a certain radius of the farm.
The most significant benefit of joining a shared solar initiative is that you do not need to invest in any panels or equipment. The upfront costs of purchasing panels and installing them are often what stop people from trying out solar in the first place. It used to be a huge commitment to go solar, but not anymore. With shared solar, you get all of the benefits of solar power without any of the upfront investment. Just like the subscription model of payment, this perk allows people who never would have thought to try solar to give it a shot.
Renewable energy is efficient, clean, and the way of the future. Unlike traditional energy sources, renewable energy is a secure option that isn’t subject to environmental or human whims, like oil spills. It’s also very effective for powering your home. Renewable energy performs just as well or better than traditional energy. There is a reason why plenty of people are moving towards the renewable model, and shared solar allows those who have always been curious to get a taste of what renewable solar can do. Renewable energy is also a lot more stable than traditional power, with prices fluctuating far less, so customers aren’t shell-shocked by their monthly bills. The money that you save in the long run and the quality of energy that they’re getting are two main reasons to switch to renewable energy like solar power.
Like all renewable energies, solar is good for the environment. Since it is generated by the sun, solar energy is a fantastic source of neverending fuel that you anyone can harness through shared solar. Switching to solar has real and tangible benefits for the environment. Solar energy produces no air pollution, and its production does not contaminate water like other forms of energy. Solar energy also doesn’t contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, a major cause of concern for the environment, and a big factor in our warming planet. Those who switch to solar have smaller carbon footprints than traditional energy users, merely because they are not consuming fossil fuels. Switching to solar energy is one big way that we can all work to combat climate change and make the world healthier.
Many states offer plenty of shared solar initiatives, so getting involved with a program is easier than ever. All you really need is to be a current electric customer located in the proximity of the solar farm. If you are a landlord or business owner, you can enroll in multiple locations to give your tenants the option of switching to solar. Many renters would consider this choice to be a massive perk, and you would be able to save some money on your utility bills as well. Since you don’t need to install anything or pay an upfront cost, it’s incredibly easy and smart to enroll in a shared solar program. You don’t have anything to lose, and you could wind up netting huge rewards from your participation.
Unified billing is a method of lumping together all of your energy costs so that you can pay for everything in one bill. With this system, your solar subscription is conveniently wrapped up into your existing bill, allowing you to save time and energy. Many states are moving towards this model. VNM or virtual net metering is another benefit for joining a shared solar initiative. Through VNM, customers get solar credits on their bill to offset the costs of their traditional energy bill. All community solar projects vary, so make sure that you check with your state about unified billing and the possibility of VNM. Community solar is a fantastic way to tap into the power of solar energy without having to commit to installing solar panels or paying a lot of upfront costs. It is a smart way to make this powerful renewable energy accessible to everyone, and since most subscription services don’t require upfront fees, there is really no risk to join. If your area has a shared solar project, consider getting involved. Community Solar is a great way to offset your energy costs and do something good for the environment.

What is Community Solar?

Community solar industry has only been around for a short period of time, yet it is rapidly becoming a very popular option. Many consumers are very interested in getting solar energy, but the majority are not able to get it because they don’t have access to their roofs or simply don’t want to be bothered with installing expensive solar panels. Community solar solves those problems and guarantees a discount on your electric bills.

Let’s say your energy bills are high. The easiest way to reduce them is to sign up online for a discounted renewable energy program at your utility. It’s free, you will lower your bill by getting a guaranteed 10% discount and save the environment. This little-known program is called community solar, allowing you to get discounted solar energy by connecting to a community solar farm in your community instantly and digitally.

There are no appointments to make, no panels to install, no equipment to purchase and no repairs to perform.

It’s also completely free. Free to join. Free to maintain. Free to cancel.

After you enroll, your community solar farm pays your utility on your behalf and sends you a bill with a guaranteed 10% discount. Therefore, you will be paying less than you normally would and get solar energy.

So, sign up now and start saving money and the environment.